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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Freshly pressed 2013 new seasons harvest!
Derived of 3 varieties of fruit: Manzanilla, Picual & Coratina. This is a marriage of the three classic qualities of a well balanced olive oil - fruitiness (fresh tomato, nutty & herbacious) from the Picual, bitterness from the Coratina & pungency (peppery bite) from the Manzanilla. Delicious drizzled over fish, vegetables or combined with Mount Zero Red Wine Vinegar in a classic vinaigrette dressing.

Available in 375ml, 2L and 15L.

Mount Zero Demeter Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the family reserve extra virgin olive oil, derived exclusively from Manzanilla olives with fresh ripe tropical fruit aromas and sweet strawberry-like flavours.  A ripe, mild oil, which is great for dipping bread into, or drizzled over bruschetta or fresh vegetables.

Available in 375ml bottles.

Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Agrumato style of cold pressing halved lemons and olives together. This combines the fruity olive character with the zest of lemon for delectable results. Savour this limited release oil with fish, grilled meats and vegetables.

Available in 375ml and 2L bottles.

Mount Zero Verjus

Verjus is a mild acidulant made from unripe and unfermented grape juice, that is then chilled and filtered so that it doesn't ferment. It is both softer than citrus juice and milder than vinegar. When used in cooking, its' taste and texture produce a lovely balance between sweet fruit flavours and a drying, zingy acidity. 

Verjus makes for a delicious salad dressing when blended with Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It can also be a lovely addition to mayonnaise,  added to rich winter stocks, or used to prepare roast foul. Mount Zero Verjus is made from Chardonay grapes grown in the cool climate wine region of Central Victoria.

Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles.

Mount Zero Red Wine Vinegar

Aged in oak barrels, the Mount Zero Red Wine Vinegar, has a deep berry/plum flavour taken from its main ingredient, wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. We believe red wine vinegar, not balsamic, is the best complement to our oil when making dressings. Mount Zero Red Wine Vinegar adds flavour to soups, stocks and risotto. It is also perfect for lifting flavours when deglazing.

Available in 375ml bottles.

3 x 100ml Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar Medley

Gold Medal favourites, one and all!  This is a medley for all occasions:

  • 100ml Lemon-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 100ml Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 100ml Matured Red Wine Vinegar.

3 x 100ml Olive Oil Medley.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Freshly pressed Frantoio and Manzanilla olives (May 2013), combine to produce a delicately flavoured oil with a fruity aroma (melon and citrus), light fruit flavours, and a nutty finish.  A great all-rounder for liberal lashings on salads, soups and stocks.

Available in 500ml, 2L bottles.

Mount Zero Australian Wild Olives

When much of Western Victoria (the Mount Zero Grove) and parts of South Australia were planted 50 - 100 years ago, it was largely with grafted trees.  Over time, as some groves have been allowed to go "wild" and trees have self sown, the original root stock has grown through producing an olive like no other - small bullet shaped fruit, with intense flavour!  We are now supporting the regrowth of this original root stock and are producing a small amount of these wild (by nature & flavour) olives.  Fantastic as a table olive, for nicoise salads & mixed with almonds & lightly pan heated.

Available in 300g, 2 kg and 7 kg.

organic olives

Mount Zero Organic Kalamata Olives

Mount Zero Kalamata's are medium/large in size and picked black. They are firm in flesh, with a rich olive flavour. Kalamata olives are the classic table olive variety and are also fantastic in salads. Brine curing leaves these olives a dark burgundy colour and ensures the characteristic fruitiness of the kalamata is preserved.

The Kalamatas we offer are now certified organic.

Available in 300g, 2 kg and 7 kg.

Mount Zero Mixed Olives

A mix of all of Manzanilla, Kalamata, Gordal, Blonde Kalamata and Wild Olives.  The variation in size, shape, colour and flavour within this mix presents beautifully and offers something for everyone.  Fantastic also to marinate & present with cornichons & caper berries. 

Available in 300g, 2 kg and 7 kg

Mount Zero Ligurian Olives

Mount Zero Ligurian Olives are picked as they are turning from green to black, hence the colour variation. Ligurian olives are small with firm flesh and a sweet, herbaceous, nutty flavour with good acid balance. Typically harvested later than most other varieties, they are full of vitamins, especially vitamin E. This olive is served as a snacking olive, an ingredient to pasta, not dissimilar to the Nicoise Olive, it is great in salads.

Available in 300g jars.

Mount Zero Blonde Kalamata Olives

Blonde Kalamata Olives, as the name suggests, originate from Kalamata in Greece. They are however a distinctly different variety to regular kalamata olives. Blonde Kalamata olives are one of the largest olives available. Due to their size they take longer to cure than most other olives and over this time naturally leech colour from burgundy (when picked) to blonde. Blonde kalamata olives are strong in flavour and texture and are a favourite among our restaurant customers. All of Mount Zero's olives are hand picked and preserved naturally in brine (salt & water).

Available in 2 kg and 7 kg jars.

Arbequina Olives

Arbequina Olives are another Spanish variety that seem particularly well suited to Australian growing conditions.  Well known for there lovely buttery flavour Arbequina's have a crisp texture and slightly peppery finish.  A fantastic table olive and great garnish to salads and platters.

Available in 2 kg jars.

Mount Zero Manzanilla Olives

Manzanilla olives make up the bulk of the olives grown at Mount Zero and also feature heavily in our oil production.  Manzanilla; meaning small apple in Spanish, is not only a Spanish olive variety but also the name of the some of the finest Spanish sherry. Our Manzanilla Olives are picked black and stand out as one of the few perfectly round olives available.  Manzanilla's are an extremely fleshy olive with a relatively small pip.  They make a great table olive, as well as being very simple to pip and use on pizza, pasta & salads.  All of Mount Zero's olives are hand picked and preserved traditionally in brine.

Available in 2 kg and 7 kg jars.

Black Olive Tapenade

Mount Zero Black Olive Tapenade

The most famous of Provencal flavours, tapenade is classically made from three ingredients - olives, anchovies and capers. Though strong individually, these flavours blend as one in Mount Zero Black Olive Tapenade providing a classic olive condiment for use on pita, crudite or crackers, basted on a rack of lamb or added to your favourite pasta or pizza base.

Available in 200g and 2kg jars.

Green Olive Paste

Mount Zero Green Olive Paste

Simply made from Green Manzanilla olives, garlic, oregano & lemon juice is our fresh and zesty paste. Spread over toasted sour dough or rye, or use as an accompaniment to cold meats. It combines well with Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a great salad dressing and is also a wonderful base for pasta sauces.

Available in 200g and 2kg jars.

Egyptian Dukkah

Mount Zero Egyptian Dukkah

A delicious combination of Middle Eastern flavours and aromas, plus a perfect complement to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made from pistachios and almonds from the Murray, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, coriander, cumin, pepper and Mount Zero Pink Salt. Traditionally eaten with bread and olive oil, this dukkah is superb sprinkled over salads, steamed or roasted vegetables or for seasoning meats and fish.

Available in 100g jars.

Mount Zero Quince Paste

Mount Zero Quince paste is made from fruit produced locally to the farm at Quantong. We make one batch of paste per year when the fruit is picked in Autumn. The paste is painstakingly prepared at the Mount Zero Farm by Jane and Neil. Quince paste has unique flavours and textures whch make a great accompaniment to cheese.

Try with:
Milawa Capricornia or Grampians Grand from Grampians pure sheep diary.

Out of stock.

Pink Lake Salt

Pink Lake Salt (Fine)

Fine Pink Lake Salt Fine is simply harvested, dried and ground. Available in 300g canisters it the perfect table and cooking salt. Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt is revered by many of Victoria’s best bakeries as the secret ingredient that sets apart the good bread from the great!

Available in 300g canisters as well as 5kg and 10kg buckets.

Pink Lake Salt

Pink Lake Salt (Coarse)

Coarse Pink Lake Salt is sifted to uniform crystals which are perfectly suited to salt grinders. These crystal are great to season vegetables and meats prior to roasting, and are a great help to grind and bind flavours in the mortar and pestle.

Available in 250g glass grinder, 300g canister, 5kg and 10kg buckets.

Pink Lake Salt & Sea Kelp

Pink Lake Salt & Sea Kelp

Australian soils are deficient in iodine, which is essential for human health, so we have added sea kelp (a rich source of natural iodine) to boost the natural balance of minerals in our Pink Lake Salt. Iodine is important for the function of the thyroid gland, body development, and the metabolism, especially in pregnant women. The Sea Kelp is wild-harvested from the beaches of Southern New South Wales, and then simply blended with our hand-harvested Pink Lake Salt.

Available in 250g glass grinder.

Pink Lake Salt with Chilli

Pink Lake Salt with Chilli

We have created this chilli salt for those times when our food needs that little extra kick. This is purely a combination of dried chillies and salt crystals from the Pink Lake. Don’t be scared, it is designed to season, not sizzle! Add to prawns, pizzas, chips, meat and more! Try adding to lime juice for a great dipping sauce or marinade.

Available in 250g glass grinder.

Demeter Biodynamic French Style Fine Green Lentils

Fifteen years after releasing the first Australian Grown Crop of French Green Lentils, We have managed for a second year to produce Demeter Biodynamic Certified French Style Green Lentils.

As the name suggests, these lentils are a variety originating from Puy in France.  However these lentils grow exceptionally well in the soils of the Wimmera, and are a favourite amongst our restaurant customers.  Renowned for their deep nutty flavour and for holding their shape when cooked, these lentils are as perfect for summer salads as they are in winter soups and braised dishes.  A great companion to fetta, chevre, mint, peas, tomatoes and game.  These lentils do not need to be soaked and take about 20 minutes to cook.

Winner of the delicious produce awards 2013 'From The Earth' artisan award.

Available in 500g and 2Kg.

Mount Zero Persian Red Lentils

Small and spherical in shape, Mount Zero Persian Red Lentils maintain their shape when cooked and have a slightly nutty flavour.  Similar to the lentils grown in Castelucio in Umbria Italy, they are fantastic for salads, soups as well as Middle Eastern/ Moroccan style dishes.  A great companion to  cumin, lamb, paprika and mint.  These lentils do not need to be soaked a take about 20 minutes to cook.

Available in 500g and 2 kg.

Demeter Biodynamic Mount Zero Falafel Mix

This is a traditional Middle Eastern recipe made with organic chickpeas and spices.  Believing that fresh ingredients such as onion  and parsley are always best fresh, we have provided all the dry ingredients so that all that is required is to add water, a diced onion & parsley.  This falafel can be shallow fried in the pan or fried traditionally in olive oil.  It is also fantastic cooked on the BBQ.

Available in 500g.

Demeter Biodynamic Mount Zero Cracked Farro

The wheel of change has not affected one of the first and finest grains grown by our early farmers more than 2000 years ago.  Farro vanished from modern agriculture because of it's protective husk that required more complex dehulling and milling machinery.  Farro is high in fibre, rich in B Complex vitamins, protein, zinc and has a softer gluten that is gentler to the digestive system than wheat.  We stone grind it to crack the bran. Farro has a delicious nutty flavour with a chewy texture, and can be substituted for rice, lentils, couscous and pasta.  Farro can be used in soups, salads.

Available in 500g and 2 kg.

Mount Zero Organic Chick Peas

Mount Zero Organic Chickpeas are creamy in colour and texture. Mount Zero chickpeas are the premium Kabuli variety, originally derived from Afghanistan. With there creamy texture and nutty flavour they are great for salads, braised with meets, or spiced with middle eastern flavours. Mount Zero chickpeas also make a delicous hummus.

Available in 500g and 2 kg.

Organic Australian Quinoa

Following a holiday in 2007 to Chile, Bolivia & Peru, Neil & Jane returned very excited about the ‘grain of the gods’ – Quinoa. Given the amazing properties of Quinoa (gluten free, high in protein, low GI and great taste) we thought hard about growing or importing Quinoa. Trial crops of Quinoa at Mount Zero failed and championing imported produce (no matter how good) was deemed not a fit with our principles of sustainability and regionalism.

Our principle (or definition) of regionalism, was happily stretched slightly however, when we discovered that the Damen Family in Northern Tasmania had pioneered the growing of Quinoa in Australia.


Available in 500g and 2 kg.

Mount Zero Beluga Black Lentils

Beluga Black Lentils are small, black lentils that are grown in the self-mulching soils of the Wimmera in Western Victoria.  These lentils hold their shape when cooked and thus are great for soups, salads and bedding for meats & fish.  They also offer a great colour contrast in a Pilaf with Mount Zero Persian Red Lentils or rice.

Available in 500g.

Biodynamic Spiced Red Lentil Burger Mix

A dry mix – similar to our Falafel Mix – made from split red lentils and spiced with chilli, ginger, turmeric & cumin. Simply add onion, rocket & water to create tasty vegetarian patties & burgers that are delicious with simply yoghurt and salad. Or mix with an egg to make a great crust on your barbequed/roasted meats and seafood. Can even be used as a stuffing for peppers!

Available in 500g.

Ceramic Olive Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set

Hand made in Melbourne, this olive oil and vinegar cruet is a beautiful design piece for any dining table. 

Mount Zero Ceramic Olive Curing Jar

One for the olive lovers! Try your hand at curing your own olives using this Mount Zero Olives curing jar.

If you dont have the time to cure your olives, this receptacle works just as well as an olive marinating jar!

Check out the 'Recipes' page of our website for instructions on how to cure your olives, and some ideas on what to use for marinating.

The jar stands 40cm tall, with the lid, and also includes a perforated weight insert (which keeps your olives below the brine level - an important factor in olive curing).

Mount Zero Oil & Vinegar Gift Box

A great duo! Contains 375 ml Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 375 ml Mount Zero Red Wine Vinegar.

Please contact us directly for corporate orders or for a quotation on customised hampers.

Mount Zero Favourites Gift Box

A selection of our most popular products. Contains 375ml Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 375 ml Mount Zero Red Wine Vinegar, 100g Mount Zero dukkah and 300g Mount Zero Wild Olives.

Please contact us directly for corporate orders or for a quotation on customised hampers.

Mount Zero Me Up Gift Box

The best of Mount Zero in a box! Contains 2 litres Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 300g Australian Wild Olives, 300g Mixed Olives and 200g tapenade.

Please contact us directly for corporate orders or for a quotation on customised hampers.

Pink Lake Fine Basil Salt

What can we say? This salt is simply fresh basil, slowly heat dried with our Pink Lake salt to remove any moisture, then milled to create a fine, beautifully aromatic basil salt.

A Caprese salad cries out for this fine basil salt, as does any other Italian dish like bruschetta, fresh pasta, pizza and more. Try it with Mediterranean vegetables, chicken, or fish – anywhere you’d like a fresh hit of basil infused salt!

Available in 120g

Pink Lake Fine Kelp Salt

This fine kelp salt lends itself well to the Japanese palate and will pair beautifully with tuna, salmon, oysters, vegetables, and more. Sprinkle over mushrooms, soup, seafood stew, noodles, and salads for that umami sensation.

Sea Kelp – wild harvested from the beaches of southern New South Wales – provides a great source of natural iodine, which adds to the many other minerals in our hand harvested Pink Lake salt.

Available in 180g

Olive Oil Soap

Made in small batches using traditional methods, this long lasting soap feels soothing and luxurious and is ideal for allergic and sensitive skin.

Free from artificial colouring, perfume, synthetic preservatives, genetic modification and nanotechnology.

Liquid Soap

This soap is made from biodynamic olive oil. It is mild and gentle, while it cleanses and moisturises. It leaves the skin feeling silky, soft and nourished. The unique fragrance is from Grampians Thryptomene grown on our farm.

Available in 400ml

Biodynamic Oleo-Calcaire Lotion

'Oleo-Calcaire' lotion is traditional to the south of France and is safe even for new born babies. It has excellent healing and soothing properties which help to prevent nappy rash. It can also be used for the relief of sunburn and is a very good moisturiser.

Made from Biodynamic olive oil and limewater, it is free from artificial colouring, perfume and synthetic preservatives. Certified Demeter by Biodynamic Research Institute (BDRI).

Available in 250ml

Hand & Body Moisturiser

This moisturiser hydrates, enriches and leaves the skin smooth and revitalised. Key bio-dynamic ingredients include; extra virgin olive oil, extract of olive leaves, Grampians Thyptomene oil and Calendula extract.

Currently out of stock

Demeter Biodynamic Soup Mix

TOur soup mix is a roll-call of the best biodynamic produce from the Wimmera, with French Style green lentils, pearl barley & farro offering great flavour and texture, plus split red lentils and split field peas to work as thickener and binder of flavours.

No need to soak, simply add to soups, stews and casseroles. An excellent source of protein, dietary fibre and carbohydrates.

Available in 500g.

Biodynamic Pearl Barley

Pearl barley is a healthy, high fibre and nutritious grain with a mild, nutty flavour. It provides a great alternative to rice or pasta and can also be served cold in salads

Available in 500g and 2kg.

Mount Zero Biodynamic Pearled Farro

Pearled Farro has had its bran removed. It’s a great way to create Farotto – a risotto style dish – in a relatively short time and makes a great alternative to risotto rice.

No need to soak before cooking. Simply rinse, add to cold, salted water, bring to the boil and then simmer for a chewy, tender or soft texture. The choice is yours! Alternatively it can be cooked in a pressure cooker and rice cooker.

A great addition to summer salads, winter soups, casseroles antipasti and even sweets.

Available in 500g and 2kg.

Biodynamic Yellow Split Peas

Split peas are high in protein and low in fat.

A staple in many countries. yellow split pea is the main ingredient of the Iranian food "khoresh gheymeh" – traditionally Dahl in the West Indies and Fiji – and a sweet snack in Northern China. Since medieval times, it has been cooked with with ham hock to become 'Peas Pudding'.

Cooking time is approximately 20 minutes.

Our Yellow Split Peas are grown in the Wimmera, Victoria, using Biodynamic growing principles.

  • GM Free
  • Australian Grown
  • DEMETER Certified Biodynamic.

Available in 500g.

Biodynamic Split Red Lentils

Lentils have been part of the human diet since the Neolithic times, being one of the first crops domesticated in Asia

Red split lentils have a faster cooking time than whole. With the husk removed, the seeds require only approximately 10 minutes cooking time. They have a distinct, earthy flavor. Cook down into creamy, hearty stews and curries, or use as thickener for sauces.

Our Split red Lentils are Grown in the Wimmera, Victoria, using Biodynamic growing principles

Available in 500g and 2kg.