Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale


Leontyna established their olive grove at Paringa Ridge in Red Hill aiming to produce the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the land. They enlisted the help of their extended family to plant the first trees in 2003. Even the founder’s mother – Leontyna – aged 89 helped out. A mix of climate, science, abundant passion and constant nurturing has resulted in trees that have flourished and produce copious olives. Only the best and most flavoursome are selected for Leontyna Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Leontyna oil is high in flavour, with complex notes of green tomato, apple and citrus.


  • Gold medal at 2009 Mornington Peninsula Olive Association Olive Oil Awards
  • Gold metal at 2009 Olives SA Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Table Olives Awards
  • Silver medal at the 2008 RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food
  • Gold medal at 2014 A.NZ.SA 3rd Southern Hemisphere Championships
  • Best in Show at 2014 6th South West Extra Virgin Oil Competition
  • Gold medal at 2014 RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • Gold medal at 2014 Perth Royal EVOO Fine Food Show