Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale

Blue Bird Products antipasti are available in chilled or ambient packing, in trays, buckets, or individual servings to suit your specific needs. Product range include: Semi-dried Roma Tomatoes; Basil or Pepperbelle Pesto; Stuffed Olives with Garlic, Chilli, or Parmassan Cheese; Grilled Artichokes, Eggplants, Peppers, or Zucchini; and Marinated Mushrooms, Octopus, or Sardines – and more! All are HACCP & Halal certified, as well as date and batch coded.

Founder Stefano Giannilivigni is a qualified executive chef and pastry chef. It was a long and rocky boat ride in the early 60’s coming from Italy to Australia, but once he set foot on solid ground, Stefano was determined to make his mark in the local food industry. Today with the help of son, Stephen, the father and son team are devoted to selecting top quality ingredients to produce the most premium products possible.